Meat Loaf Sues Own Tribute Act

    NME reports on a bizarre law suit wherein Michael Aday, better known as singer Meat Loaf, is suing a Meat Loaf tribute act named To Hell And Back. The act’s principal is UK-based singer Dean Torkington, who’s past work included being an Elton John perfomer before he put on weight and decided to sing as Meat Loaf. But the real Meat Loaf accuses Torkington of “cybersquatting” on the domain name “to capitalise on the artist’s celebrity.” The suit claims Torkington is liable for $100,000 in damages.

    Torkington intends to fight the suit, stating “I am not guilty of cybersquatting or passing myself off as him.” Oddly enough, this isn’t his first brush with an angry Meat Loaf. According to Torkington, the real singer reportedly dragged him backstage at a show in Liverpool in 2003 and threatened him to get rid of his van, which sports the iconic Bat Out Of Hell artwork on its side. Torkington also claims he offered to sell his website for £8,000 ($12,500) but he’s only been offered £1,000 ($1,570). He says he’s gone back to being an Elton John performer because of all the hassle. Watch Torkington in action as Meat Loaf below.