McLovin Is In A Band, Now Officially Too Sexy (Video)

    Christopher Mintz-Plasse aka McLovin (as he will forever be known to everybody) can lay down a mean drum fill, apparently. Rocking the kit in bluesy band The Young Rapscallions from the San Fernando Valley, McLovin is making an attempt to surpass Michael Cera as the name most found written in hearts on alterna-girls’ high school notebooks. No word yet on how Jonah Hill is planning to counteract this.


    So what do we know about The Young Rapscallions?


    1. 733 people like them on Facebook


    2. V-neck shirts comprise their “look.”


    3. McLovin doesn’t wear glasses while drumming, probably because of the added safety hazards.


    4. This song is called “Walking Phoenix,” which must be a metaphor because phoenix’s historically fly for transportational purposes. 


    5. They will more than likely appear on the late-night talk show circuit by the end of the summer.


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