McCartney reveals Eleanor Rigby’s identity

    It only took 42 years. Paul McCartney has donated a document to the Sunbeam Trust charity for auction that shows the iconic Beatles tune "Eleanor Rigby" to have been inspired by a real person. It’s a log book from the Liverpool City Hospital that shows an E. Rigby to have worked there as a scullery maid (low-ranking kitchen maid). What McCartney’s doing with the book to begin with is unclear, but it dovetails very neatly with the fact that there’s also a grave at Peter’s Parish in Liverpool bearing the famous name. So it all adds up to the fact that the woman who symbolized "all the lonely people" for McCartney back in 1966 did indeed trudge her modest path through the streets of Liverpool. The document will be auctioned by Sunbeam Trust at the Idea Generation Gallery in London on November 27. No word yet as to any verifiable proof of the existence of Mean Mr. Mustard or Lovely Rita Meter Maid.