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McCain gets no love from Van Halen

It's almost enough to make you begin to feel sorry for John McCain. A candidate in search of a soundtrack, the guy seems to get a cold shoulder at best wherever he turns in the music world. First he inspires legal action from an angry Jackson Browne for using the latter's classic "Running On Empty." Then he engenders bad vibes from Rosanne Cash for even mentioning her dad John. Next thing you know, Madonna's displaying scathing anti-McCain videos as part of her stage show, and even Fat Joe's getting into the act, publicly dissing both McCain and Daddy Yankee, one of the few supporters the endorsement-poor Presidential hopeful's been able to snare.


Now, it's Van Halen's turn to send McCain a "talk to the hand" message. Turns out he played the band's Sammy Hagar-era hit "Right Now" during a public appearance in Ohio today. The result? You guessed it: "Permission was not sought or granted nor would it have been given" says the band's management. Maybe McCain should have tried buttering up Diamond Dave instead..."Yankee Rose"could be just the thing to kickstart his campaign.



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Van Halen

Honestly, I doubt McCain gives a f**k. Musicians are morons when it comes to anything other than music. They should stick to playing it, entertaining their fans and STFU when it comes to politics. I wonder if these clueless musicians realize how many of their fans are conservatives...I doubt it. The state of not having a clue is a very natural one for them.


You little whining repuke. Crybaby... waaahhh.. don't they realize conservatives are fans too?? Waaaaaahhh.

Suck it up and go listen to your washed up here, Ted Nugent. Crybaby.

WB Whiner

So, van halen isn't allowed to make an opionon about the election, but you two are? brilliant


I guess my problem is I live in the real world. The one that involves working for a living and really don't care what any singer or entertainer thinks about any candidate.
Here's my thing. Not one of these celebrities knows any more than I do. NONE of them are privy to any info I cant get. My point is, why should I care what any entertainer thinks about politics.


I would think that since you guys are on this site, JCB would be correct in many cases comparing celebrities to INFORMED people, but, overall, the public is very politically ignorant, getting info from sound bites and Fox


sad, i would have expected more from VH.
For me, Fleetwood Mac is forever tainted by becoming the Clinton minstrils.
Don't get me wrong, I love the music...VH, Mac and even droopy Jackson Browne--but I think it is telling what the poliitcal orientation is of all these people who are barely out of rehab.


Perhaps as telling as that of people who spell "minstrels" with two i's?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/jimallen/HowardTheDuck.gif jimallen

Some of you posters are missing the whole point. What the musicians think about McCain is beside the point. The point is that the McCain campaign is using their songs without permission, which is illegal.

If McCain hadn't used their songs illegally, this article would not have been written, and you clowns would never have heard what the musicians think of McCain in the first place. And you can't blame them for being less than enamored after what McCain's campaign did. That's to be expected.

And more important than all of this nonsense, is that you guys are still being fooled by the 'left vs. right' false paradigm. In case you haven't noticed, BOTH OF THE MAJOR PARTIES ARE THE SAME THING.

Geez people. Get a clue!


go Paul!

Bloggy McDickerson

The only problem with this is that the location where the event takes place and the song is played is a huge factor. Venues get blanket licenses from ASCAP and BMI and they pay a certain amount of money to be able to play any song from either of their catalogs. While I feel for the artists and understand where they are coming from. If these songs are being played a speech/debate/etc and the venue has the proper license, then there is no obligation on the part of a campaign to ask permission.


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