McCain drops advisor who penned racist Obama column

    The racist rhetoric that has been popping up on the McCain campaign trail as of late doesn’t seem to be just the work of an out of control mob: McCain’s campaign organizers are also getting in on the act. McCain’s Virginia campaign organizer, Bobby May, wrote a racist column titled “The (clarified) Platform of Barack Hussein Obama” last week that “satirized” Obama by claiming he’d “pay Ludacris to paint the White House black,” change the stars on the American flag to a “star and crescent logo,” he’d change the currency to feature images of Oprah and Ludacris (this guy’s knowledge of hip-hop seems relegated to people Bill O’Reilly hates), and he’d use the drug war money to give cheap heroin to his constituency.


    At least McCain has shown some hopes to quell the racist rhetoric: he fired May today. But it seems like firing May was every bit as politically motivated as stopping a person last week who asked if Obama was a terrorist, as McCain’s campaign are the people that are putting it out there that Obama is a terrorist. Getting to fire and tell people different makes McCain look like a good guy.


    Obama’s campaign hasn’t released an official statement as of yet, but McCain firing May is sure to quell any major points Obama could have made off McCain employing him. [All Hip Hop]