G-Unit’s Mazaradi Fox calls Cam’ron/50 Cent beef a source of “motivation”

    Via: SOHH
    In an interview with SOHH, G-Unit “affiliate” Mazaradi Fox downplays last week’s spat between Cam’ron and 50 Cent on “The Angie Martinez Show”:

    “The Cam’ron situation just gave us more motivation…It’s all just competition to me. It’s not beef.”

    But while he makes lemonade with regards to Cam, Fox gets all sour grapes when discussing his boss’ relationship with The Game:

    “In jail, it’s beef with every nigga until you out the door. I don’t know him [Game] and I don’t want to know him. If it’s beef with 50, it’s beef with me too. 50, that’s the boss.”

    In light of Fox’s comments, we feel compelled to applaud the tight ship of camaraderie that is G-Unit–while 50 and The Game are clearly still feuding, Mr. Jackson seemed hesitant to allow Cam’ron to escalate what was almost a non-situation last week, and Mazaradi’s comments back that up. In marked contrast, the Dipset side of things seems slightly discombobulated; after Cam shot his mouth off on-air, Jim Jones called in and tried to repaint the heated exchange as “aggressive competition.” Then again, isn’t Fox just repeating what Mr. Ballin’ said in the first place? Hm.
    In any case, Mazaradi goes on in the interview to reveal that he has a couple of mixtapes coming out in the next few weeks, including Dumb Out Season with Cutmaster C and Mazaradi Fox, Fresh Out The Body Shop. You can check out some new material from Fox off Superstar Jay’s recent Face Your Fears mixtape (hosted by Tony Yayo) here.