Maxwell Says New Album Will Be Influenced By The xx, Animal Collective And Fleet Foxes

    Indie rock’s penetration into hip-hop and R&B is starting to get deep, so deep: In an interview with Billboard about the sequel to BLACKsummers’night, titled BlackSUMMERS’night, R&B singer Maxwell claimed that his new album would bear the influence of a handful of indie rock acts like:

    Maxwell says he has all the songs together for “BlackSUMMERS’night,” with “some overdubs” still left to record. He describes the set as “a hybrid of music,” with “a little bit of a rock element” influenced by groups such as the xx, Temper Trap, Fleet Foxes and Animal Collective. “There’s a Coachella festival guy in me that loves all the indie rock stuff,” Maxwell says. “So I want to put that in there in a really subtle way—sprinkle it on there but keep the soul, keep the blues. That’s what I’m known for, so why go too far off the beaten path, y’know?”

    The xx I can get, since they’re R&B influenced, but Animal Collective? Fleet Foxes? Temper Trap? Coachella guy? Liking those bands is okay, but sounding like them could end up not going well. Though with Maxwell, it probably will. [Daily Swarm]