Matthew Herbert Upsets Pigs, Argues With PETA

    You may have already read about Matthew Herbert’s planned One Pig album, a record themed around the life and death of a pig. Unsurprisingly, PETA has come out and condemned the plan, particularly the proposed recording of the pig being slaughtered, a request that was similarly denied by the slaughterhouses Herbert contacted. In a statement to Gigwise, a spokesperson for the animal rights group announced that “No one with any true talent or creativity hurts animals to attract attention, but we are sorry Matthew Herbert couldn’t include the screams of pigs being made into bacon on his record, as they would have instantly turned some people into vegetarians.”

    Now, the musician has responded on his blog:

    “I eat meat. as I get older, I feel less proud of that fact. however, since I do eat meat, I think that I have a responsibility to understand the implications of that decision. as much as I didn’t relish the prospect of witnessing the death of a pig I had seen being born and raised, I felt it an important reality to face. it seems utterly absurd to me that PETA’s knee jerk reaction is to chastise me in public about the integrity of that process of enquiry without even bothering to ask me about the motivation or history of the project. in an otherwise distant and anonymous food chain, this one pig’s life has been clearly and respectfully acknowledged.”

    In other words: Matthew Herbert is uncomfortable eating meat and has devised an elaborate musical plan that will make him feel even more uncomfortable about eating meat. Personally, I think the project sounds pretty gross, but then I’m already a vegetarian.