Mathematician Solves The Beatles’ “Mystery Chord” (Maybe)

    Forty-eight years later, one mathematician may have solved the Beatles’ “mystery chord.” The opening chord to 1964’s “A Hard Day’s Night” has long confounded listeners with its apparent simplicity but near impossibility to reproduce. Now Dr. Kevin Houston of the University of Leeds believes that he has discovered the truth. Using software, Houston dissected the sound into various frequencies to find out which notes were present.

    Houston believes that the chord was a team effort of George Harrison, George martin, John Lennon. According to the theory, Harrison was playing an F add9 on his 12-string while pressing down the E string on the first fret with his thumb. Meanwhile Lennon was playing the same chord on his acoustic guitar and later Martin went in and added a subtle piano. Some other mathematicians have deemed the theory implausible, but it is apparently the closest to the truth anyone has yet come. [TheAge]