Matador pwns Victory Records

    Via: Matablog
    Here at Prefix we take plagarism very seriously, so even though we’re still kranky over Matador’s decision to switch to digital promos, we’ll gladly help them in ridiculing Victory Records for stealng their shiz.
    It turns out that one of their new signings The Warriors, wrote a letter that was posted on Victory Records’ website about signing with the label. The problem, is that it’s pretty much a word for word copy of a letter that The Ponys wrote when they signed to Matador this past summer.
    Obviously, it’s possible Victory had no idea the message was plagarized, and it could have just been an oversight on their part. But what kind of a band shows their gratitude to a label for signing them, and introduces themselves to the labels customers by ripping off some other band’s thank you note? What the hell is this world coming to?