Massive Fine In “First Copyright Case In Denmark”

    How much does it cost when you’re found guilty of copyright infringement in Denmark? Nearly 750,000 kroner, or almost $137,000, as Denmark had its first high profile sampling case, as a group called Djuma Soundsystem was found guilty of stealing a piece of music and looping it on their album. Djuma Soundsystem’s “Les Djinns” ripped from Atilla Engin’s “Turkish Showbiz,” and put it on their album without even clearing the sample, or anything. They told their label, EMI, that the song featured no samples, and the song went on to sell 150 copies (which is obviously the saddest part of this story).

    Then the group got signed to Get Physical, who wanted to re-release the single, and the group decided to try to get the sample cleared. But they had to reimburse Atilla Engin, and a court found the settlement of that huge amount. The bands wants to fight that, citing that their music should be treated like hip-hop, but for now, the case stops at the 750,000 kroner settlement. Read more over here.