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Maseo Says De La Soul Is Dropping A Third 'Art Official Intelligence' LP

In what looks to be a recent interview with Pedestrian.TV, De La Soul's Maseo explained that the seminal hip-hop trio has plans to release a third entry in the Art Official Intelligence, or AOI, series. This is a change from the previously announced next album from De La, which had been called You're Welcome. The third, and final, AOI project will stand as their first release since 2009's Are You In?: Nike+ Original Run. And apparently its due out some time this year, though Maseo said he can't reveal exactly when. He hints at a spring or summer release, but I would think they would already have the hype machine going by now if it was dropping so soon.



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De La Soul

YES! Fave rap group. Never thought they'd finish AOI, even though those are my least favorite records by them.

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