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Mars Volta album in January following New Year's Eve show

The Mars Volta's new album The Bedlam in Goliath is due January 29, which will be preceded by a New Year's Eve show in San Francisco at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. Costumes required. No, really. Required. The band promises "una serata con amici e sorprese presentata in un modo straordinaro." (Translation: an evening with friends and surprises presented in an extraordinary manner.)

The album, which was produced by band co-founder Omar Rodriguez Lopez, features collaborations with Chili Pepper guitarist John Frusciante. Rodriguez and partner Cedric Bixler Zavala will be joined by Marcel Rodriguez Lopez, Adrian Terrazas Gonzales, Pablo Hinojos-Gonzales, Isaiah Ikey Owens, Juan Alderete de la Pena and new drummer Thomas Pridgen.
In addition, a "webisode" set to album track "Wax Simulacra" is now online here and further episodes may surface before the album release.
Here's the tracklist and break out your Oxford English Dictionary:
1. Aberinkula
2. Metatron
3. Ilyena
4. Wax Simulacra
5. Goliath
6. Tourniquet Man
7. Cavalettas
8. Agadez
9. Askepios
10. Ouroboros
11. Soothsayer
12. Conjugal Burns
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The Mars Volta

Yawn. The more news I hear about this band, the less I care about it. Maybe it's just because my office cubicle-mate plays Mars Volta incessantly, but where once I got off on the proggy noodle-jamming, it just strikes me as absurd in concept and execution. The titles, the lack of humor, the nothing poetry disguised as grandiose conceptual conceits, the press releases in Italian - blech. Worse, it makes me want to listen to At the Drive In less.

Etan Rosenbloom

Funny, I was also just thinking how sad both bands that branched out of the ATDI demise are.

John Zeiss

Well, i say "Etan Rosenbloom" Stick to your John Denver records and stay out of.. well the entire music scene. I respect your opinion, but i cant help pointing out how little your mind can see.

Mark Gambrone much as I can't stand John Denver, I'll take his simple, unpretentious smileyness over The Mars Volta's grandstanding any day. Why is it that I have to stay out of the music scene because I criticize one band you like? That's like if I criticized a pair of pants that you wore and you commanded me never to wear pants again. Rather than just insulting me, why don't you tell me what makes The Mars Volta great?

Etan Rosenbloom



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