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Maroon 5 releasing remix album, rip-off The Rapture?

Maroon 5 releasing remix album, rip-off The Rapture?

Maroon 5 are putting out a remix album on December 9, which features remixes of their songs by people undetermined (I have a vague feeling Pete Wentz is somehow involved). But that’s not what got me to write the inaugural story about Maroon 5 on Prefix. No, I’m writing because it seems to me that Maroon 5 totally lifted the cover art for their remix album (titled Call and Response, if you care to know) from The Rapture’s Echoes.


Everything about Maroon 5’s cover is a near-replica of Echoes’: the color scheme, the blurry photos, and the supposed attractive qualities of the members. Now, what this brings up is whether or not some art designer did this on purpose, hoping that Maroon 5 would appeal to the same ass-shakers that loved The Rapture back in 2003. Or did the same designer do both covers, and he just doesn’t give two shits about it looking the same. Who knows? What do you guys think? Here's The Rapture cover for you to compare to the Maroon 5 cover above [via Idolator]:









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/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

This doesn't really bother me.

It's not like The Rapture are original. (Gang Of Four anyone????)


Jon is fanboy apologist and probably a douche.

Maroon 5 is going to release an album that sounds like the Rapture with a cover that is a complete ripoff of the Rapture. It's blatant beyond anything i've seen in a long time and completely pathetic.

Also, Maroon 5 gets an award for the least necessary remix album ever.


I kinda hate maroon 5... but people have been doing "rip-off" album covers for decades and calling them "tribute" art.
This shît doesn't really surprise me. Just another crapola job to add to the pile.

When designers rip off previous works they call it inspiration, but what's goin on in the designers head is something like this:

" Ive been staring at the monitor for 50 hours, I'm burnt out and I really don't care anymore. So I'm gonna scam that shît, cause it works, and then I'm going home cause I'm sick of being in studio... pay me my money bîtchez!"

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Al/batmulletjpg.jpg Al

who cares?


your mom.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Banger/images-6jpg.jpg B/|nGerKat

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