Marnie Stern’s kissing booth verdict: “It was awesome.” (Photos)

    Photos courtesy of Gabe Meline/City Sound Inertia.


    Marnie Stern’s desperate attempt at generating some publicity generous gift to her fans has come in the form of a kissing booth. Fans simply turn up to her shows and pay for a pucker with Stern, who is operating a sliding scale depending on how far you want to go with her. Prefix readers have variously described her smooch-scheme as “awesome,” “weird,” and “arrogant,” but is the stunt generating some much-needed cash for Stern?

    City Sound Inertia has published a “review” of the kissing booth, which is being staged on Stern’s current tour with Gang Gang Dance. It appears the idea has been founded to help pay off a speeding ticket, and possibly some other violations as well. So it’s all in a good cause. CSI poster Gabe Meline initially couldn’t find anyone willing to take advantage of Stern’s offer, until an unabashed indie kid finally emerged and took the $10 “on the lips” option. “I had to,” the plaid shirted guy told Meline. “She’s beautiful, you know? It was awesome.”