Marnie Stern operates kissing booth

    Marnie Stern fans in San Francisco and Los Angeles, make sure you remember your peppermint breath spray when you go to the shows tonight and tomorrow, respectively. She of the cute face and the mad chops, for reasons that are unclear to us now, has decided to host a kissing booth at shows in the cities mentioned above. The prices are $3 for a kiss on the cheek, $10 for some lip-action, and $100 for some tongue. According to Pitchfork, the press release says of the kissing, "It’s all in good fun."

    Unfortunately this booth doesn’t mean that Stern is relinquishing the right to control her body, darn it: "Marnie reserves the right to refuse anyone a kiss subject to poor physical and mental hygiene, general dementia, and overall grossness." I’m sorry hygenically challenged, demented, overall gross dude. Hope I caught you with that one before you left your bedroom. Hey, look on the bright side, Wrath of the Lich King came out yesterday!

    No word on whether this kissing booth opportunity is open to ladies as well, but I hope it is; we might get a solid Katy Perry cover out of this.