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Marnie Stern Announces New Album

Guitar goddess Marnie Stern has finished recording her new album, a self-titled affair, that is due out on October 5. The album features playing from Zach Hill and Women's Matthew Flegel, and of course, will feature plenty of guitar pyrotechnics from Stern herself. The first track on Marnie Stern, "For Ash," is streaming over here.


Here's what Stern said about the album:

"I wanted to pay more attention to the delicate and subtly layered spaces in between sound and just make things louder and fuller where I didn't on my last 2 records." When asked to sum her album up she maintains, "It's direct and honest and real. I’m no longer taking cover under guitar lines or yelping vocals."

That list bit is ironic since that's largely what Stern's music is known for. Taking cover under guitar lines, that is. Here's the track list:


01. For Ash

02. Nothing Left

03. Transparency is the New Mystery

04. Risky Biz

05. Female Guitar Players are the New Black

06. Gimme

07. Cinco De Mayo

08. Building a Body

09. Her Confidence

10. The Things You Notice


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Marnie Stern

that press shot should be the album cover.

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the painting should be the album cover! people love dogs!

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