Marky Ramone Sues Distribution Company For $1.175 Million

    Marky Ramone (you know, from the Ramones) is reportedly suing his distribution company for $175,000 in unpaid royalties and $1 million in punitive damages.


    According to Paste, Marky hasn’t seen a cent from the Ramones catalog since 2008, something that he signed a contact in 2005 to prevent. As the Ramones are still a pretty popular band, and seeing that you still here their music pretty much everywhere, one would think the man is owed some money.


    He filed former lawsuit documents last week with the New York Supreme Court, but both sides have been realitively quiet since. It’s safe to say that most are probably working for Marky in the case, but as Thank You For Smoking taught us, America’s defining governmental attribute is its endless appeals system.


    [The Daily Swarm]