Mark Wahlberg Does Russell Crowe’s Dirty Work In The Trailer For ‘Broken City’

    The best thrillers depict people at their finest when the stakes are highest. So if you’re a New York City cop and the mayor asks for your help, those stakes are pretty high. Of course, if he turns out to be corrupt (or worse), you’ll certainly have to be at your finest. 

    The latest movie from Allen Hughes (of the Hughes Brothers directing team), explores themes of political pressure, redemption and underhanded tactics that may or may not be necessary to run a major city. Mark Wahlberg plays a former police officer who catches the eye of Mayor Russell Crowe. His Honor needs some help keeping an eye on his wayward wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Wahlberg needs whatever work he can get. 

    That might sound like a very basic premise, but as the trailer below (via /Film) illustrates, things are never as simple as they seem when the players involved occupy the halls of power in the Big Apple. Both Crowe and Zeta-Jones haven’t played these types of high-profile roles in a while, and Wahlberg is reliable as a cop who needs to do what’s right, so this could be one of the better thrillers of 2013. Expect it in theaters on January 18.