Mark Ronson Says ‘Katy B Is The New Lily Allen’

    Twenty-two-year-old British R&B/house singer Katy B made her much-anticipated debut last year with On A Mission. The critically acclaimed release nearly topped the charts overseas and peaked at number two. But she hasn’t just caught the attention of critics and listeners.

    Hit-maker Mark Ronson is now also a huge fan and a collaborator, as he recorded a 2012 Olympics jame with Katy called “Anywhere in the World.” Oh, and he also sang her praises in Rolling Stone with the following statement:

    “I think Katy B encapsulates young London in a way I never could. She reps London harder than anyone song-wise since Lily Allen.”

    Could this lead to Katy gaining more of a presence here in the States? We’ll see. [NME]