Marissa Nadler gives us all a ‘Little Hells’

    It hasn’t been long since Marissa Nadler gave us 2007’s Songs III: Bird On the Water, but somewhere in the past two years the haunting/sadness must’ve reached critical mass, because label Kemado is scheduled to release Nadler’s new album Little Hells Mar. 3.

    Nadler’s album features production from Chris Coady (TV On The Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, !!!) and work from Blonde Redhead’s Simone Pace, as well as Dave Scher and Myles Baer. Kemado imprint Mexican Summer is also releasing Nadler’s debut album Ballads of Living and Dying on vinyl for all of you turntablists out there, looking to work that heartfelt longing into your dj sets.

    For any of you fans wondering what it would sound like if Marissa Nadler sang an upbeat, happy song, sorry. Read the track titles below.



    Little Hells


    Heart Paper Lover


    Mary Comes Alive

    Little Hells

    Ghosts and Lovers

    Brittle Crushed and Torn

    The Whole Is Wide

    River of Dirt