Marissa Nadler Appears on Xasthur Album

    This is, in some ways, pretty strange. Marissa Nadler, whose atmospheric, affecting, and primarily acoustic music has no doubt soundtracked many lazy summer romances, has been recording with Xasthur, whose dark, throaty metal has probably been discovered floating around a fair number of crime scenes. Bizzare, but according to Xasthur’s blog, he “is extremely proud to have… Marissa Nadler” on his album, and Nadler’s website confirms it as real.

    Of course, it would be very easy to poke fun at this collaboration. I could, for instance, juxtapose this Marissa Nadler video, which features a couple making out while looking dreamily into each other’s eyes, with this fan-made Xasthur video, a nine-minute-long black-and-white video of a made-up man looking at a noose. I could do that, but that would be petty.

    It would also distract from the point that there’s something incredibly intriguing about this collaboration. For one, Hydrahead, the label releasing the album, consistently produces music worth listening to, and second, isn’t music just that little bit more exciting when completely unlikely collaborations like this arise?