Marina And The Diamonds Ugly? Her Record Label Thinks So.

    OK, let’s just get this obvious bit out of the way — Marina Diamandis, the ebullient frontwoman of electropop outfit Marina and the Diamonds is anything but “ugly.” Got it? Good.

    Obvious as such an assertion may seem, it appears that certain members of Diamandis’ camp think otherwise. The release of the video for the Welsh singer’s single “How To Be A Heartbreaker” has been pushed back to later this week, allegedly because her record label decided footage of the singer was too “ugly” to make public. 

    Understandably, when the 26 year-old took to Twitter to announce the news, it whipped her Diamonds — Diamandis’ pet name for her fans — into a frenzy. As “How To Be A Heartbreaker”  is a US-only track on Electra Heart, Marina and the Diamonds’ new LP, bystanders have put the blame on the singer’s American label, Atlantic. 

    The shaming of female artists’ appearance is nothing new — consider the recent backlash against Lady Gaga’s supposed “fluctuating weight” — but the frequency in which these criticisms occur sadly indicates the practice is far from disappearing.

    While Diamandis’ fans wait the debut of the “beautified” version of “How To Be A Heartbreaker,” check out the video for another Electra Heart single, “Primadonna,” below. If you spot anything ugly, let us know.