Marilyn Manson Names New Album; “Freaks Out” Twilight Fans

    Marilyn Manson (née Brian Hugh Warner) announced on his website that the follow up to 2007’s “Eat Me, Drink Me” will be named The High End of Low. He then – in a move which surprised those who’ve never heard swearing before – added, “My new record is…a self-described state of being that I’m in. You’re going to be fucking freaked. It’s the shit.”


    The first single off the new album is titled – sigh – I Want To Kill You Like They Do in the Movies. Manson described the song as, “Severely sadist. Basically, it’s murder, sex, death, the end,” a quote which shocked my grandmother and no one else.


    The High End of Low is set to be released in May.  [Angry Ape]