Marilyn Manson: I Don’t Like the Swine Flu (But the Swine Flu Likes Me)

    Marilyn Manson’s voracious appetite for the high life may not yet have caught up with him, but he has been felled by a potentially deadly virus. Yes, the self-styled “God of Fuck” has gone down with a bout of swine flu, temporarily putting his career as an aging goth-rocker on hold.


    “So I have officially been diagnosed, by a real doctor, with THE SWINE FLU,” he said. “I know everyone will suggest that fucking a pig is how this disease was obtained. However, the doctor said, my past choices in women have in no way contributed to me acquiring this mysterious sickness. Unfortunately, I am going to survive.”


    Manson’s career has reached such a low point that he was churning out songs that had lapsed painfully into self-parody (I’m looking at you, “Pretty as a Swastika”). And his fans weren’t enamored, with this year’s The High End of Low hitting an all-time sales slump for Manson, and his interviews around the record sinking into desperate cliché.


    [Consequence of Sound]