Marilyn Manson Casted In Sixth Season Of Californication

    The midlife crisis of a goth must be hellish (no pun intended). There is something about the black leather, the eyeliner and pale skin that just doesn’t work as well 40 and above. In a way, though, seeing a goth maintaining their look well past their 20s should be applauded. They know they look terrible but they are sticking to their guns. Bravo, goth. Bravo.

    Which is why we should applaud Marilyn Manson who not only has stuck to his black eyeliner but because he has taken it a step further and become an actor! As it turns out, Manson has been casted as himself in the sixth season of Californication.

    Really though, acting is actually nothing new for Manson who appeared in David Lynch’s Lost Highway, 2003’s Party Monster and The Heart Is Decietful About All Things in 2004.

    Here’s to hoping for some goth sex in the sixth season. After all, they are people too. [NME]