Mariah Carey’s Upcoming CD, Will Have a Twitter Influence

    Don’t accuse Mariah Carey of creating her forthcoming CD, “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel,” in a vacuum. The new work, due out Sept. 15, was partially influenced by messages the singer received from her followers, who posted to her Twitter page.


    According to, Carey said that since she’s been Twittering, “A lot of the fans are like, ‘We want some live-sounding stuff,'” so Carey and her producers worked up some rawer tracks than usual.


    Those producers, by the way, include Big Jim Wright, Timbaland and Jermaine Dupri. It’ll be interesting to watch a duel of the divas this fall, since Mariah’s album will drop just a few weeks after the new one by fellow big-voiced singer Whitney Houston (whose new release just got bumped forward to Aug. 31).