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Mariah Carey in New Movie <i>Precious</i>, Clearly Learned Nothing From <i>Glitter</i>


Okay, this won the Grand Jury Special Prize at Sundance, so to be fair, it's probably a step or two up from Glitter. Also, Mariah's character looks like some kind of haggard, world-weary social worker, and everyone knows the key to making pretty people act better is to make them look worse (see Charlize Theron in Monster, Hilary Swank in Boys Don't Cry), so her performance probably isn't terrible. With that in mind, it's good to see that Mariah made it "Through the Rain" (or the glitter, so to speak), and took another crack at acting.


Precious is expected to received a limited release Nov. 6.

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Mariah Carey

this movie looks bad*ss so going to see it


The person writing about the movie is obviously a hater or has not seen the trailer. She has been getting rave reviews for this role.


This review is worse than Angie Tempura. Biiiitch please! Is your favorite movie high school musical?


Yeah "Glitter" was OKAY but "Precious" looks amazing.

I can already tell it's going to win a TON of awards. Go Mariah Carey!


First anyone who has seen glitter knows it wouldn't have been any better with Julia Roberts in it. Second anyone who has seen Wise Girls which Mariah has also received good reviews for knows she can act, the previews for precious look really good and one should research before writing snide reviews.


first of all if you go on mariah has ben getting great reviews for this movie.She also is gona have another hit album this year remember people memoirs of an imperfect angel in stores september 15th and she has 4 vegas shows coming up so beware. This movie could make her go from razzie awards to oscar-winning actress if that happpens she'll be unstoppable.


first off the movie glitter was a good movie and i think mariah carey is a good actress and both of the movies shes been in are good and its not just some stupid movie it actually means something and things like this actually happen in life and also true story movies are mostly the best movies.


well i think she is a great actor i'm watching the movie online right now its not that bad
so stop hatin on mariah


This writer obviously is suffering from p---- envy on Mariah.


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