Mariah Carey Dresses Up Like Eminem for New Video, Freaks Everybody Out

    Yup, that’s creepy. Not really anything else to say about it.


    Mariah Carey, with the help of director Brett Ratner, filmed her video for new single/Eminem diss “Obsessed” the other day, and instead of just getting an Eminem look-alike to play the part, or ignoring that aspect of the song altogether, Mariah, ever the performer, chose to play the hostile emcee herself. Obviously, the result is more than a little disturbing. If you need to wash that image out of your mind, look at Mariah’s 1999 video for “Heartbreaker,” or last year’s “Touch My Body,” or basically any other video where she just lounges around all sexy and stuff. Why couldn’t she just do that this time?


    Look at some more totally weird pictures here.