Manson urinal begets weirdest rock star cameo list

    Shirley Manson’s T-1000 urinal has opened the floodgates.  Could there be a better time to explore the weirdest rock star cameos of all time? If there is one, let’s skip it. I’d rather check out some sweet video of Tom Morello on Star Trek: Voyager advising Captain Janeway to go to…wait for it…wait for it…the left! While this could easily be the high point of the list (and my day), the good folks at NME were also able to find footage of Bob Dylan looking a little dazed on Dharma and Greg, Frank Zappa on the Monkees and Ice-T as a kangaroo in Tank Girl. My favorite missing cameo would have to be Roddy Bottum in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, where he sagely observed that the movie’s villain was “a dick.” [NME]