Jesus, Mary, and Merritt

    Out of a cacophony of side projects, arty collaborations and media stunts, everybody’s favorite Man of a Million Faces found time to talk to about Distortion, the Magnetic Fields’ forthcoming LP slated to drop January 15th through Nonesuch. While the original plan suggested by said label was to record an album in a month, things started getting a little heavy in the mixing studio as the pensive popsters opted to jump on the Jesus and Mary train:[more:] “I thought to myself, ‘What could I record in a month? What would I do if I was forced to be a normal person and have a band that sounded the same from song to song, and not be bored?’ I would be the Jesus and Mary Chain.” It seems that Merritt found it trickier than he expected to be a “normal person” as a month turned into a year and a half of recording and mixing.
    By the sound of opener “Three-Way” (does anyone think that the chorus sounds exactly like the Futurama theme music?), Merritt isn’t kidding about the added fuzz factor. While he claims that “all the same instruments were used [that were on I] except the ukelele,” don’t expect the acoustic chamber pop of Distortion‘s predecessor. That said, it should be interesting to see the Magnetic Fields grappling with a sonic rather than a thematic muse this time around.
    “Three-Way” (Via: Stereogum)