Madonna’s MDNA Tour Rider Is Predictably Nutty

    The Smoking Gun, usually the font of all online knowledge about artists’ tour riders, has been usurped by In Touch Weekly. The publication has allegedly got hold of Madonna’s rider for her current MDNA jaunt, and it’s full of the kind of excessive demands we’ve come to expect from our biggest stars.

    Madge’s rider may not be up there with Van Halen’s request to remove all brown M&M’s from the backstage area at their shows, but it’s safe to say that the MDNA tour is costing her a pretty penny. She travels with an entourage of 200 people on tour, including an acupuncturist, a yoga instructor, a dry cleaner and a number of personal chefs. Oh yeah, and there’s also the small matter of the 30(yes, 30) bodyguards she employs.

    Of course, this information all comes from In Touch and probably shouldn’t be treated as gospel. But it’s still fun to delve into the list and see some of the following:

    • Flowers must be cut to exactly 6 inches in height
    • Twenty international phone lines required in Madonna’s dressing room
    • Fabric in her quarters must be fragranced with pink roses and lilies
    • All furniture must be removed from the rooms and replaced with Madonna’s own pieces that she has shipped in

    Hopefully ticket sales are going well for this thing, because that’s a hell of a bill she’s racking up there. [via In Touch]