Excerpt of tell-all by Madonna’s brother reveals the rich and famous can also be boring

    Madonna’s brother, Christopher Ciccone, has released an excerpt from his tell-all book about his famous sister. The passage describes the singer’s relationship with Guy Ritchie and how it contributed to the estrangement that led to Ciccone’s literary venture. The prose has a level of unintended hilarity, as expressed in this description of a New Year’s Eve party Ciccone attended with his sister and her friend Gwenyth Paltrow:

    “Madonna is dancing on the table. Gwyneth joins her and they dance together. In the middle of the dance, Madonna grabs Gwyneth and kisses her full on the mouth. It’s that sort of a night.”

    Though there are doubtless plenty of these romance novel moments in the book, most of the selection deals with Guy Ritchie’s boorish attitude toward Ciccone, who is gay. He devotes paragraphs to how Madonna changed after she married Ritchie, offering such evidence as his sister’s becoming a beer drinker and her silence at continued wedding toasts that use derogatory terms for gay men. Far from being revelatory, though, the tone of the excerpt comes off as self-important and pedestrian. It seems the rich and those related to them, like the rest of us, don’t always care for their in-laws. They just express their dislike in better settings with more expensive clothes. [Mail Online via The Daily Swarm]