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Madonna still does not heart Sarah Palin

Madonna continued her onslaught on Republican veep candidate Sarah Palin during a concert at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. After banning the Palin from attending her shows and then threatening to “kick her ass” during a song at an earlier show, Madonna upped the ante by throwing condoms emblazoned with Palin’s image into the crowd. The singer said “I'd like to express myself to Sarah Palin right now" and then launched the prophylactics and into a version of “Express Yourself.” Madonna doubtless feels that she is making a bold political statement with her increasingly strident attacks, but she should be aware that her level of discourse is hovering right around the level of the nervous Republicans accusing Barack Obama of conspiring with a terrorist. While a positive message for a candidate would be ideal, an artist of Madonna's caliber should realize that if she doesn’t have anything insightfully negative to say, it might be better to leave the politics out of stage show. [Gigwise]
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Sarah Palin

...Sarah refusing to speak to me, dislikes Madonna for distributing condoms with her likeness; is terrified public will believe she condones premarital sex...

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