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Madonna set to gross $282 million from Sticky and Sweet tour

Anyone thinking Madonna’s attempts to drum up controversy on her Sticky and Sweet tour were tired and hackneyed are clearly out of step with public opinion. According to NME, the Sticky and Sweet tour is the biggest selling venture undertaken by a solo artist, and figures issued by Live Nation, who have promoted the tour across the globe, indicate that Madge is more popular than ever.


She made a cool $194 million from her Confessions tour in 2006, but despite the recession, divorce, and jibes at John McCain and the Pope, Madonna is set to top that for her Sticky and Sweet jaunt. Live Nation estimates the tour will gross $282 million by the time it draws to a close in Brazil later in December, with the U.S. leg alone earning $92 million. Which should just about cover Guy Ritchie’s divorce demands and provide a comfortable stipend for further trips to Mexico City with A-Rod.  [NME]

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Wow. I knew she could still sell, but definitely didn't think she still had this much star power.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

I think this is more a factor of her ticket prices being way above the average, and the fact that people are willing to pay $400 per seat for premium seats.

Gabi Porter

She grossed as much in one tour as A-Rod makes in 10 years. There should be no doubt who's the bigger star here.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Ethan/nirvana-corporate-rock-whoresjpg.jpg EStan

Oh, I'm not knocking her Madgesty's star power. I'm firmly in Ms. Ciccone's camp. Just sayin' that her top grossing tour efforts are largely owed to the high ticket prices. If the Stones can do it, why can't Madonna? If I were throwing out that kind of money for concert tickets I'd so much rather see Madonna than ol' wrinkly prunes The Stones.

Gabi Porter

Yes, I agree with rather seeing Madonna than the stones; however, I was third row Atlanta for the tour, and I must say that Madonna should eat some fattier foods---she is just way too thin.

Also, maybe now that the kids are growing up and she's divorced, perhaps next tour will be a longer tour with more dates and lower ticket prices.


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