Madonna says Obama election is “best day of my life.”

    My mom always told me that childbirth really wasn’t worth it, and Madonna seems to have lent a little creedence to the statement when she told a crowd in San Diego that the election of Barack Obama was "the best day" of her life. To give that a little perspective, Madonna, who has taken in recent years to pretending that she is English, places the election of Barack Obama in front of the birth or adoption  of any of her children, either of her marriages or divorces, the signing of Proper Grounds and the eventual triumph of her Maverick label, her critically acclaimed acting career, or hanging out with Michael Jackson and his monkey. While Madonna has made no bones of her hatred for George Bush and the McCain/Palin ticket, she needs to rein the emotional superlatives and take stock of the truly great days of her life. She did have a species of water bear named after her, after all. [Gigwise]