Madonna offers impromptu Palin pop-off at concert

    After banning Sarah Palin from coming to her concerts (boo-hoo!), Madonna has taken her animus for the prospective veep a step farther, improvising a lyric that "Sarah Palin can get off of my street/Just get off of my street…She’s not going to (Washington) D.C… I will kick her ass/Just get off of my street." Madonna later said that she "loved Palin’s soul," but the damage, at that point, was done. 

    I’m all for spirited discourse, but this is this the kind of behavior that speaks poorly for those in the entertainment industry involving themselves in a political cause. Most adults prefer to keep their disagreements at the issues level, but even if they make irresponsible statements, they aren’t making them to an arena full of people who paid to be there. If Madonna wants to inject herself into the political debate, she should come up with something better than these weak threats. She shouldn’t be that desparate for publicity, or think that her statements could help her candidate in any way.   [Contact Music]