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Madonna makes scalping legal

You know those guys you're used to seeing standing outside sold-out shows with furtive murmurs of "need a ticket?" Now they've got VIP passes and pension plans. The Material Girl has given fans the golden finger by entering into an axis of evil with Live Nation and ticket reseller StubHub to effectively establish a legal, Madge-authorized scalping service for her upcoming tour.


Being nobody's fool, Madonna undoubtedly noticed that the likes of Ticketmaster have already been making a killing by holding back batches of hot tickets from initial sale for use in their own "reselling" scheme. (Apparently their outlandish base prices and additional fees didn't generate satisfactory revenue.)


Now that the record business is falling apart and everyone's looking to tours and merchandising to make their nut, you'd think these folks would be a bit more mindful of how hard they kick the butts that are filling the seats. Boycott, anyone?

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nice photo!

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madonna sucks, well not really. but most fans just cannot afford $355 for a ticket, and that's not even the stubhub price! Since her album is tanking, and her husbands movies are tanking, i guess it's time for another tour!!!!


OK 1st I love madonna just wanted to get that out of the way. She is f**king crazy!!! there is no way I will pay that much money to go see anyone! and that includes god himself. its not like she needs the damn money. I love you madonna but thats way too much money and i thought last year tours was high boy was I wrong. In this day and age where people have to deal with tons of bills and things going up in price thats a big slap in the face to go with stub hub. I will not give you my money madonna I have to eat!!


I just checked StubHub to see the prices -- $25,000 for front row seats? That's crazy. I saw Madonna two and three tours ago, paying around $200-300 for loge seats. Those seats this time around are double that.

I think there outta be a law that you can't resell tickets for more than a certain percentage above face value.


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