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UPDATE: Madonna rep denies divorce rumors. Is relationship still on?

Contrary to those who are already speculating on Madonna's newest beau, a rep for Madonna denied that things will officially split between the diva and her current husband, filmmaker Guy Ritchie. In an email to Reuters, Liz Rosenberg commented that "there are no divorce plans."


However that was the only quote provided in the Reuters report, which is left quite ambiguous. No divorce plans at the moment obviously doesn't mean there won't be any in the future, though the results of Ritchie's transatlantic trip to visit Madonna remain unclear. My guess is that they are divorcing, and the statement was meant to deflect attention from talks of the lack of a prenup and those Alex Rodriguez rumors. Something tells me that statement alone won't work.

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Unless this was all a well-facilitated publicity stunt to boost sales of Hard Candy... which, while it wouldn't surprise me, I hope not to be true.

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i would like to put her through a woodchipper

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