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Madonna dedicates a song to the "emotionally retarded"

Is the Madonna/Guy Richie split about to get ugly? Madonna is continuing her Sticky & Sweet tour, which has already courted plenty of controversy with its very public attacks on everyone from Sarah Palin to the Pope. Now she’s allegedly made a thinly veiled reference to Richie at a concert in Boston, where she dedicated her song “Miles Away” to the “emotionally retarded. You may know a few people like that. God knows I do."

The split was only announced yesterday, but already it appears that the feuding couple are going public with their anger. British tabloids are reporting that the director was fed up with the “circus” surrounding their marriage, although you’d think he would have seen that coming. Dude, you married Madonna. “Circus” is practically her middle name. But with Richie set to receive a rumored $300 million in the divorce settlement, it could be the talent-free director who has the last laugh.

The Sticky & Sweet tour resumes in Toronto on October 18 and continues through the end of the year, providing Madge with plenty more opportunities for on-stage snarkiness.
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Wow, what a shock--another failed marriage by Madonna. She has no problem ripping leaders of organized religions or those who support family values such as Sarah Palin, but when it comes to saving her own marriage or keeping her family together, she fails miserably. Sounds like she could learn a thing or two from those she so publicly condemns.


Heh very funny comment Scott. I'm just sewing my sides back together.

Oh no wait you're being serious, let me laugh louder...


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