Freak folks cover Madonna

    From the hilariously-named label Manimal Vinyl is soon to come a Madonna tribute album featuring some of freak folk’s freakiest folks. Artists reinterpreting the Material Girl include Devendra Banheart, Lavender Diamond, Bat for Lashes, the Chapin Sisters, Ariel Pink, the Tyde, Giant Drag, VietNam, and Winter Flowers. Don’t worry, non-vinyl fetishists; the album will be released in CD format as well. Both editions are expected this fall. Continue on after the jump to find out who’s covering what. Can’t wait to hear Ariel Pink doing “Like a Virgin.” I’m creeped out already![more:]
    1. “Oh Father” – Giant Drag
    2. “Justify My Love” – Bat for Lashes w/ Moon and Moon
    3. “Like a Prayer” – Lavender Diamond
    4. “Hung Up” – the Tyde
    5. “Like a Virgin” – Ariel Pink
    6. “Human Nature” – VietNam
    7. “Material Girl” – Mountain Party w/ Devendra Banheart
    8. “Who’s That Girl” – The Bubonic Plague
    9. “Holiday” – Siddhartha
    10. “Borderline” – The Chapin Sisters
    11. “Live to Tell” – Winter Flowers
    12. “Impressive Instant” – The Pangaeans
    13. “Lucky Star” – Alexandra Hope
    14. “La Isla Bonita” – Jonathan Wilson
    15. “Crazy for You” – Lion of Panjshir
    16. “Cherish” – The Prayers
    17. “Burning Up” – Women and Children
    18. “Beautiful Stranger” – Golden Animals