Madonna And Prince Used To Be Beefing But Are Done Now

    News for the olds time: Madonna and Prince, who were romantically involved back in the 1980s and worked together on Madonna’s Like A Prayer, used to bicker at each other for a number of years, probably because they’re both egocentric megalomaniacs. Case in point: Madonna called Prince a “little troll,” which is probably pretty accurate except for his immense libido, and he noted that she has a lot of children, though she only has four and that isn’t really an insane amount in famous rich people terms.


    Anyway, the feud’s all done now and the two made up when Madonna stopped by Prince’s sold out Madison Square Garden show this week. He even called her out onstage, noting that both of them charge a lot of money for their shows, which I think was meant to be a joke. She laughed, and all is now well in the land of sold-out-stadium baby boomer pop stars. Well done, guys.


    [Rolling Stone]