Madonna and A-Rod: A match made in gossip rag heaven

    Circumstantial evidence linking one of the biggest pop icons of the last 30 years with one of the greatest baseball players of all-time? Sounds like a job for Us magazine. The latest concoction has the soon-to-be bankrupted former Mrs. Guy Ritchie romantically involved with Alex Rodriguez, Yankees slugger and noted lover of she-male, muscular types. The evidence is a series of reported late night visits by A-Rod to Madonna’s "spacious" home that has "all the doormen" talking.


    I mean, the evidence pretty much speaks for itself. They have the same manager! (Joe Girardi?) Her son wore Yankees gear, which clearly no one else in New York does! Jose Canseco hates A-Rod, and he use to date Madonna! Color me a bit skeptical, but when a magazine like Us gets even a whiff of a story that would be as big as this, they latch on to whatever flimsy evidence they can get.


    Either way, you can bet A-Rod will be hearing about this the next time the Yankees play in Boston. [Us Weekly]