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Madonna "4 Minutes" (Official Video)

Here is the official Madonna video for "4 Minutes" featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. The whole video seems like a commercial. Does the video add anything to the song?
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that was quick

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I just heard this song on a Sunsilk commercial. :o

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same ol' timbaland signifiers, this time with a corpse wandering through the bumping speakers... stunning. this should have been directed by romero.


I like the video but I don't really understand what it has to do with the song.


Love the song, love the video. Enough said! x


I don't feel any safer.

I DO however want those 4 minutes BACK


The video just saved this song. It's brilliant! Keep watching it all day. Jonas and Francois are geniuses.


I think I can confidently put it out there that nobody is looking for something revolutionary here. If you are, then you obviously don't know Madonna. It's just another opportunity to cash in on a musical style.

Much like any recording artists songs, the single has little to nothing in common with the video. (I think Bjork is a good example of this.)

Madonna's video is hip-pop at best, catchy, and the video (though quick) is alright. Sadly, Timbaland's music production is becoming as harmful to listen to as the Neptunes were around 2000... Can we say overdone?

Mr. T.



Why do I can't see it?

Nico Wellenbrink

There is no doubt that 4 MINUTES takes just a tad longer and many more listens to get into the blood stream, as is often the case with many a Madonna lead-off single. But once there, it's kind of hard to bounce it, and it's already starting to sound like a classic to me and a song for the masses to boot (that is to say not just for Madonna fans).
Yeah, Madonna may have been keeping her fans real happy with the last few albums, but ain't such a bad thing to get a whole new generation of admirers on board.
As for the video, it works, it's fresh and funky and as much as I hate to bring up the age thing once again (honestly you would think Madonna was the first human ever to turn Fifty and that the Timberlakes, Carey's etc. of this world will never hit that particular milestone, sheesh! ), well she is looking mighty fyne for fifty.
Come the end of this year will we be seeing 4 minutes, it's video and Hard Candy as hits or misses? I wager the latter. By the way, if you are a die hard Madonna fan, and find all this hip hop/ JT/ Timbaland connection just a little off kilter, well just heard a HQ snippet of Miles Away, and I was blown away. It is awesome, I was slightly worried all the hype and anticipation for this new album might not be worth it. But boy was I wrong!

Cool M

Amazing Video! Amazing Song!
I think the 4 Minutes is really 4 years. 4 years to eternity can seem like 4 seconds. 4 years till 2012, the is a theory which many believe in that 2012 is going to be a major shift in vibration....the less humanity is in tune with the new vibration which comes from love and peace and all the good stuff we will be lost... anyway its also in the line "If you though it, it better be what you want" .... She is thinking in the metaphysical... the black enveloping the typical scenarios of life..... Who else is LOVING this video like me... Open your mind, if you only look to be a critic you will only criticize things.


madonna i luve ur new song with justin timberlake its totally awsome im am a big big fan oef yours luv u and some of ur songs are totally awsome 4minits to save the world is my favorite song by u very pimpin and fantastic
ur awsome best song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
luv u


z.r. i am totally in agreement with you about the 2012 link


that video is sooo awesome! Madonna never ages, and Justin looks so hot!


Video is hot. Video is hot. Song references the end of the world. And the darkness which keeps trying to envelope Justin and Madonna is representative of that. The 4 minutes, is four years, meaning 2012, the year predicted by the Mayans as the end of the world. So you can get into this song on many different levels, depending on where you're at. That's hot.

Jedi master

yep , i agree, the madonna video and music are about 2012


I think her song "Jump" makes a reference to that 2012 thing too - "Are you ready to Jump? / Get ready to Jump" (Are you ready to transcend etc?)


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