Madlib Speaks On The Legacy of J Dilla

    When an artist passes away, there is always the question of how to respectfully remember them. Some artists have their work continue to influence pop culture, and be a part of it, as we are seeing with 2Pac and the broadway musical inspired by his words. Another such artist is J Dilla, the famed producer that passed away in 2006, who has had lost beats released with guest vocals. Joey Bad$$, who recently appeared on such a song, called it a “dream come true” to use a beat by his “favourite producer of all time.”

    Madlib, a good friend of J Dilla’s and one of hip-hops most influential producers, has different feelings about how to go about respecting someones legacy. In a recent interview, Madlib said he had learned from the way Dilla was being remembered. “If I was dying in a hospital I’d tell my son to go burn [all unreleased music]. Don’t think I’m going to get exploited like they’re doing to Dilla” he said. 

    The interview also saw Madlib talk about his own popularity, where he said he was happy with having a more underground following. “I’m fine with that because some of my favourite musicians were like that” he said. “I don’t want too many people looking at me. I don’t want somebody to come up and John Lennon me.”