‘Mad Men’ Completely Snubbed At The Emmys

    A lot of television programs take years before they receive confirmation of their greatness. Seinfeld, for instance, would eventually become one of the most successful and popular shows on the 1990s. However, it took years of building an audience on Thursday nights for the cast and crew to find the acclaim and awards they deserved. 

    That’s why it’s so surprising to see a veteran program make it so far into its run without getting the recognition it has earned. Case in point — Mad Men, which completed its fifth season earlier this year, was nominated 17 times at this year’s Emmy Awards. Unfortuantely, no one associated with the show took home a single statue. 

    The main culprit for this snub seems to be Homeland, which won four Emmys just as its second season was about to begin later this month. The categories it swooped in and took from Mad Men included best drama, best lead actress and best lead actor. 

    According to Vulture, this represents the biggest loss by a show in history. Both Northern Exposure and The Larry Sanders Show each received 16 nominations without garnering a single win, but Mad Men did one worse than those ’90s classics.