Mad Decent Starts Premium Subscription Service

    Like several other indies before them including Stones Throw, Diplo and his team at Mad Decent have officially launched their own subscription service. It’s called Mad Decent Premium and it costs $10 monthly to receive all the labels releases before anyone along with access to a “digital crate” from any computer anywhere. There’s a bunch more stuff you can get by signing up, which you can do here.


    Here are the perks:

    • Receive Mad Decent releases before anyone else
    • Access your digital crate from any computer at any time (Stream or download MP3, WAV)
    • Exclusive membership perks (MD store discounts, membership card, secret handshake and more) 


    And here are the immediate bonus treats:

    • Mad Decent Jeffree’s Vol. 2 
    • Diplo – Express Yourself Single EP
    • PO PO – Dope Boy Magick 
    • Mad Decent Superpack