Mac Miller’s Label Issues Statement Regarding Lord Finesse Lawsuit

    We saw a response from Mac Miller himself following the news that hip hop legend Lord Finesse was leveling a hefty lawsuit at the rapper for the use of one of his beats. Now, Miller’s label Rostrum Records has issued a statement defending the young artist. In it they detail many of the concerns that have been touched upon in fan debate of the lawsuit; namely, that the track was never sold, that Finesse was always credited and that Finesse had known about “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” for a long time before initiating the lawsuit. Via HipHopDX:

    There have been a lot of misstatements online and in the press, so we thought it’d be best to make some brief comments. First and foremost, we stand by Mac Miller in this situation and we will fight the case together with him.

    Mac never pretended that the “Hip 2 Da Game” beat was his, despite what’s being said in the suit. Lord Finesse was given credit on both the video and the mixtape from the very beginning. We’ve never distributed “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” for sale on iTunes and have consistently policed digital retailers and other sites to make sure that no pirates were ever illegally selling the song.

    Lord Finesse has known about “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” for a long time and never objected to the use. For some reason, he has very recently changed his mind. We look forward to resolving this issue soon, and we appreciate all of the support that we have been receiving from the entire music community.

    Thank you,

    Rostrum Records

    Finesse certainly seems less concerned with the fact that Miller used his beat than with the level of fame he’s accrued because of it. From a legal standpoint, though, it’s got to be hard to sue someone just because they got famous for a song that legally samples your work. It’ll be interesting to see how the ongoing debate unfolds and whether the courts agree that it’s wrong to profit indirectly from a free mixtape.