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M83's Anthony Gonzalez Slaps a Security Guard (Video)


This past Saturday, M83 played a show at Columbus, OH's Wexner Center for the Arts, and during set closer "Colours," like a good showman, M83 sonic svengali Anthony Gonzalez invited some kids onstage to dance. Security didn't like this, and removed the kids from the stage, which prompted Gonzalez to re-invite them back. This time when security removed the kids from the stage, Gonzalez didn't like their attitude, and decided he had to slap a ho.


Speaking to the St. Louis Riverfront Times, Gonzalez said, "The security guard started to act violent with the kids, and they were just kids. So I really didn't like that, and that's the reason why I was a bit violent as well." No need to explain Gonzalez. You felt that was security was actin' up, so you dealt with it like any Frenchman would: you slapped. Examine the video above to determine if Gonzalez yelled, "Sacre bleu, you swine!" afterwards.


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definitely the last person i would expect to take his aggression out on stage

jason Bergman

I was there and while the security guard was being a bit of a dick, he was also like 60 years old and I thought it was wrong of Gonzalez to assault him. The band was performing on a makeshift stage on the actual Mershon auditorium stage, and Wexner officials were probably concerned about the potential of it collapsing under the weight of the fans.

cols julie

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