New M83 album arriving in April

    Here’s some strange math for you: Saturdays = Youth. That’s the rather odd name of the new M83 album, scheduled for release April 15 via Mute. M83 remains the sole purview of Anthony Gonzalez, who got help crafting the new record from Ewan Pearson, who has worked with the Rapture and Ladytron, and Ken Thomas, who has worked with Sigur Ros and Cocteau Twins. Saturdays = Youth reportedly finds Gonzalez shaping his lush soundscapes into more traditional song forms.

    Track list:
    You, Appearing
    Kim & Jessie
    Skin Of The Night
    Graveyard Girl
    We Own The Sky
    Highway Of Endless Dreams
    Too Late
    Dark Moves Of Love
    Midnight Souls Still Remain